Thursday, September 1, 2011

Relentless Original Energy Drink Review

Relentless comes in a can where its greatest distinction is also its greatest flaw, which is of course the font used for the logo. One must put quite some effort into reading it, which is wholly unnecessary, but at the same time the writing is so unusually sophisticated that one can't help but want to spend a little more time focusing on it. There is also some unproductive cluttering below the adulterate text that, in combination with the latter, makes the can lean more towards the overall side of unfortunate congestion than the intended elegance.

Relentless' taste is far more original than the can suggested, as the sub name almost universally means something of a Red Bull clone, which the flavour cleverly avoids but vaguely mentions. There's a great deal of sourness initially, with a hollow elaboration on a six note blend of fruits, with unfocused and vapid notes of vanilla being located beneath the prior. Blackberry and raspberry are probably the easiest to notice, even though the two taste nearly as one, with only a slight difference in how strongly they pressure tartness onto the experience. The two fruits, however, are religiously shadowed by the empty taste of blueberry, with it not displaying any of the expected robustness, and it forever wanting to be integrated with the antecedent blend, but it instead can only taste indistinctly behind. Both guava and passion fruit innuendos follow, and their natural exoticism imbues pleasant phantasmagorical characteristics, how ever mild they might actually be. Lastly is the taste of lemon, who seems to close each sip with the taste of familiar citrus, and itself has only the slightest suggestion of individuality, on account of the oft mention extreme temperance of the flavour as a whole. Overall, the breathtaking, or dare I say relentless, speed that fruits are introduced then discontinued disallows the palate the chance to identify their imperfections, or to become at all uninterested during any of the many sips offered.

The kick was four hours in length, and of solid strength, however there were jitters to experience. Each can contains: taurine, caffeine(197mg), a few B vitamins, and guarana. Overall, Relentless Original can surprisingly be described accurately by both of what makes up its name.

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