Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wired Diet X B12 Rush Energy Drink Review

Wired Diet X B12 Rush doesn't make a good first impression for several reasons, but namely it's the name. It's long, choppy, and doesn't really make all too much sense, given using vitamin B12 as a selling point is entirely pointless, as your body just flushes out any unneeded amount through your urine. It's can, however, isn't as problematic as its name, but it still isn't anything to get excited about. The white symbolizes its lack of sugar, and the thin lacing of green does look rather good, but one does wish for more of it, and explicit word "diet" isn't normally used on energy drinks for a reason, and that's to keep stereotypical men from avoiding the product because they still associate the word with the opposite sex and/or with actual dieting.

The taste is initially lost within the walls of harsh carbonation, and as the punishing bubbles subside, the bland outlining of cheap citrus comes to attention. Lemon is noticed, but it's such a rough sketch of the oft zested fruit that its presence isn't appreciated. There is also a slight mentioning of lime, but it's just as an inept of a detailing as was its yellow sibling. Grapefruit then appears, and its natural mildness makes one not surprised with its etiolated existence, and as your palate remembers Fresca and Squirt because of the just prior, a bit of sourness dilates, and this bridges the near closure with the much earlier lemon and lime. It gives the experience the pleasing sense that what was begun is now closed; an organized sense of completion. Overall, Wired Diet X B12 Rush's taste is boring, and the sixteen ounces begins to become a chore on account of how uninteresting each sip is.

Ninety four milligrams of caffeine isn't anywhere impressive for a drink this size, and while there is also taurine, inositol, and obviously B vitamins to boot, the energy forerunner's meager quantity is lamentably low. All in all, Wired Diet X B12 Rush is drinks like an off brand soda, and kicks like an eight ounce energy drink.

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