Monday, September 5, 2011

FMF Power Fruit Punch Energy Drink Review

FMF Power Fruit Punch's can doesn't do it for me, though the resealable cap is a wonderful inclusion. The rather boring design is the reason behind my disliking, as while there's quite a lot going on, there isn't anything interesting. Nothing conveys a sense of excitement or energy, and speaking of which, the can doesn't explicitly say that it is an energy drink, though there is a small mentioning in the left of the picture. What is bluntly spoken is the word "power," which isn't the same as the aforementioned, though this confusion does distracts from its humdrum appearance.

The flavour is, well, it's a bland muddling of indistinct fruits, with a mild but ever still unpleasant bitterness following. There's enough evidence of lime and guava, however neither display careful construction, and neither have even an ounce of authenticity to them. Both green apple and cherry can also be picked out of the constant insipidness, albeit barely, and they too are disrespectful interpretations. Zero of these four ever show signs of tanginess, and though there is fifty grams of sugar, none of them taste properly saccharine. It's a slightly grainy and relatively syrupy sweetness, but these textural properties provide relief from the uniform vapidness. Following is the aforesaid bitterness, and it's a sort of organic brackishness that is probably caused, at least partially, by the green tea and yerba mate used for supplement purposes. Overall, FMF Power Fruit Punch is surprisingly and unfortunately poor tasting.

After all that negativity, the kick is actually quite good, with it lasting a jittery four plus hours. Each can contains: ginseng, caffeine(240mg), various B vitamins, and vitamin C. In the end, FMF Power Fruit Punch's potency isn't impressive enough to forgive all that it did crudely.

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