Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bawls Guarana Geek Beer Review

Bawls Geek Beer's appearance is easily the best of the line, with the brownness of the actual bottle not only bridging a visual connection to root beers, but to real beer. The rather clever name, using leet speak, also immediately grabs the attention of who it wants, but it does this without sacrificing the general population, and it's this balance between niche and marketability that makes it perhaps the companies most focused product, at least optically.

Utilizing one of my favourite soda flavours, Geek Beer tastes much like any mass produced brand. There is a strong artificial sassafras depiction that's rough but appropriately so, and it's adjacent to an equally sham vanilla. The latter presents a good level of creaminess that, while itself is equivalently counterfeit, saturates the experience with characteristics that are natural to the flavour genre it belongs to, but what really exaggerates this is the bite, which here is done adequately. Underlying spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, are easy to notice, but there is also notes of birch bark and wintergreen to give the piquancy its complexity. The latter of the two, however, seems to broaden the taste of the former, albeit mildly, and now there are essentially two separate soda flavours coexisting, but their inherited and undeniable similarities gives the leveled dyad a complementing sense of fluidity. The intricacy is further deepened by the crisp citrus demonstration from the guarana, and although this fruitiness is indistinct, it isn't exactly utilized or intended to be anything else but something that enriches indirectly. Overall, there's a complex flavour here, yes, but the soda calls for this by nature, and Geek Beer never exactly thinks outside the box.

Much like all varieties before it, there isn't much energy, but since it isn't expected nor is it intended, there really isn't much else for me to say. Overall, Bawls Guarana Geek Beer isn't anything particularly interesting for the soda it's based off, other than being one of the very few caffeinated root beers.

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