Friday, September 9, 2011

Fikks Energy Drink Review

Fikks is one of the stranger names for an energy drink I've seen recently, and it honestly doesn't make much sense, at least to someone who doesn't care enough to delve into the reasons behind their odd choice. Its can, though, is not half bad, other than the stupidly small size, with the blue and white colour scheme looking quite appealing. And while there is certainly some text to read, the respectful organization keeps it from being distracted or distracting.

Well, the flavour is disgustingly inspired by Red Bull, and by saying that, it isn't to insinuate that the actual flavour is vile, but that it's real disappointing that yet another drink succumbed to the unfortunate easy way out. There is a large amount of vanilla to taste, and it demonstrates a rather impressive creaminess that is not unlike a good cream soda. It's sweetened appropriately and the HFCS don't give it a syrupy attribute, though it does become a bit much as sips progress. There's a secondary flavour, which is expectedly of apple, and the strength of its sourness is grander than that of the fruit itself. The overall taste is a familiar one, almost sickeningly so, but within the confines that it locked itself into, it honestly isn't all too bad of one. There isn't any creativity to be found, but one never expects that from such drinks, but we do anticipate garbage, which we surprisingly and thankfully never experience.

Each can contains: caffeine(seventy five milligrams), several B vitamins, taurine, inositol, and ginseng. The buzz was weak, less than two hours worth, and understandably given the feeble ingredient cocktail and the small size. All in all, Fikks is a stock energy drink, one that doesn't find a personality or even try to, but it isn't an absolute disaster, at least in the sense that finishing the can wasn't difficult.

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