Sunday, September 11, 2011

rip it Le Moan'R Energy Drink Review

By using pink and yellow, rip it Le Moan'R should immediately signal the consumer of the supposed raspberry lemonade flavour. But it doesn't do this, namely because we're not used to identifying those flavours with these colours, even if it sounds like we should. If it was just pink or just yellow, then we would unconsciously establish them with the either raspberry or lemon and there wouldn't be a problem, but it's by uniting the two that causes misfortune. Once you read the text subjacent to the fruits, however, you do recognize their intentions, but only until then.

The first sip exposes the experience's continually rasping carbonation, but it is never a sort of vitriolic effervescence. There certainly is a good amount of raspberry to savour, and it's a pleasantly sweet taste that thankfully isn't relentlessly sugary. There still is a lot of the it, but not so much that it resembles something of a candy. The fruit doesn't show much other than a balanced saccharinity, but there is the slight sourness of the expected subsequent lemon. The citrus is just as nectarous as the preceding, but it is despairingly far less noticeable, and gets lost within the maze of carbon dioxide bubbles. But the raspberry does appear to adopt the slight sourness brought about by the unremembered lemon, and it gives the fruit some much coveted complexity even if it is a glaringly inorganic pairing. Because of this, rip it Le Moan'R depicts a sort of unevenness that is as if the flavour wasn't carefully formulated, and I do fear that this was the case.

The kick is easily the drink's highlight, with it lasting an impressive four and a half hours. Each can contains: caffeine(204mg), taurine, inositol, various B vitamins, vitamin C, and guarana. In the end, rip it Le Moan'R is an inconsistent energy drink that fails to live up to standards set by the first few of the line.

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