Thursday, May 4, 2017

Private Selection Hazelnut Espresso Beverage Review

One of three store-brand coffee drinks picked up from a local Kroger, Private Selection Hazelnut is a surprisingly handsome looking beverage. Its tall brown and silver backdrop is the perfect background for the small and sophisticated insignia, who's only fault is its slight prolix design.

It is a good thing I keep my fingers clean, as listening to the "shake gently" directions on the back of the can led to my digits becoming submerged in an effervescent espresso eruption as I yanked on the pull-top tab. First sip is a shockingly tasty one, a monumentally milky mixture with a smoothness that would have butter envious. But it is the taste that is the real pleasure here, that namesake hazelnut flavor is nutty in all the right places, adding its own organic bitterness to that from the otherwise placatory coffee beans. They taste just slightly roasted, adding additional pungent body to every imbibe. Only twenty eight grams of sugar sweeten this spumescent java, an amount designed to showcase the natural acridity of the nuts and the brew. But fattiness, four total grams, ends up lacking as the fifteen ounce experience approaches closure, its lardaceousness not as dynamic as the flavors demand.

B vitamins, vitamin C, A, and caffeine from coffee give a decent boost, but in the world of energy drinks, the two and a half hour long kick could have used an additional shot of espresso. On the whole, Private Selection Hazelnut is a generic coffee done right.

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