Monday, November 14, 2011

Speed Octane Energy Drink Review

Speed Octane's full name should technically have "Robby Gordon's" before it, but I think it sounds a lot better without such endorsement. Still, it's a much less brazen tie in than was Jeff Gordon's attempt years ago, with really no mention of the oft lampooned sport. The yellow looks great off of the pure black background, and it's refreshing to see such a visually empty can that isn't at all lacking in style.

Sour lemon is the key fruit here, previously suggested by the bright colour of the can, and it's played uniquely and is equally well done. The neon coloured fluid is a structure of loose grains, a sort of powdery mouth feel that plays kindly with the acidic citrus. The former texture is itself tinted casually by the tastes of lime and melon, both of which are correctly sweet and harmonize well with the foremost flavour. The little green one is also sour, albeit one that's a tad more piquant, whereas the melon brings no secondary characteristics to the table. There are some spritzes of mango and guava, though they don't particularly add much, they do help the experience achieve the sort of citrus fruit punch route it was trying for. Everything has been wholly enjoyable thus far, however a rather negligible complaint is how the carbonation is subdued and there isn't any sort of finishing bite, making each sip lack a sort of completed satisfaction.

The kick is probably the drink's worst aspect, though it isn't exactly a disappointment, with it lasting two plus hours or so. Each can contains: caffeine, taurine, inositol, and many B vitamins. In the end, Speed Octane is a coherent and pleasant energy drink who's only true flaw was the $2.49 I paid.

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