Friday, July 7, 2017

Reize Energy Drink Review

This black little sachet comes in a tiny box of six, only a tad larger than a pack of cigarettes. The packaging is clean, with text of course, but nothing superfluous, aside from the obligatory puffery ("pocketful of energy," etc.). The tiny rocket blasting off of the "i" in the title is clever, but I would love to have a flavor indicator somewhere.

The pouch took a bit of persuasion to open, though it was not too significant a struggle. The grains inside stain the 250 ml of water a cloudy gold, with granular matter not yet disintegrated in the aqua floating like pollen in the air. Once the particles settle into their new serous home, sips discover the savor to be sharp but indistinguishable, a super sour and approaches tasting excessively sweet, a blend of aspartame and ace-k. There are far too few sips offered by the small amount for things to become grossly over-sweet, but those reaching for their second packet may want to reconsider. Very smooth despite its powder origins, the texture is surprisingly silky, never gritty and in no one sip does the powder taste individual from the taste of water. The flavor is mostly apple, orange and passion fruit, but it is a blend blandly blended; no one fruit stands tall away from the others, a cocktail so muted your tongue searches each particle for an individual flavor to notice. Not inherently a bad thing, but if the brand ever wants to branch out into other taste territories, they need a strong flavor-profile for consumers to identify.

Each pack contains B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, inositol, and fifty milligrams of caffeine. The kick is disappointing, lasting an hour, but I will take a weaker buzz over a bitter flavor. On the whole, Reize is an interesting energy powder, but a nip here and a tuck there would send it blasting off and over the moon.

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