Saturday, July 15, 2017

BeeBad Energy Drink Review

BeeBad's can is wacko, littered with text and design elements that give the eight ounce packaging a distinct, if not busy, appearance. Its name is clearly visible, and there is not really another drink that looks like this, but it lacks of any true flavor indication, outside the mention of honey (is that the flavor?).

The flavor-profile is a peculiar, persuasive cocktail of honey, rose water and mint. It is sweet, sour, earthy, and bitter- all at the same time, but it is a blend incredibly unique, a strangely potent composite of individually passive tastes and characteristics. Your first sip, perhaps also your second, your lips will curl and your eyes will wince in terror of the queer liquid, but subsequent imbibes luxuriate in the odd pacing and idiosyncratic flavors involved, and your palate will evacuate ounces from the bantam aluminum transport with haste.

Each can contains B vitamins, ginseng, and eighty milligrams of caffeine. The kick is trivial, lasting an hour and a half, but it is strange to find the beverage hailing itself for not containing taurine- has there been documented cases questioning the compound's safety? If so, I cannot find them online. Overall, BeeBad is a drink you will want to experience for the flavor, not for functionality.

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