Saturday, July 22, 2017

Monster Mutant Super Soda White Lightning Review

After two varieties with nearly three hundred calories each, Monster Mutant debuts White Lightning, their currently sole offering to diet drinkers. Its bottle remains the same, save for its opaque albino colored fluid and lightning strikes across its label.

The packaging offers little in way of a cohesive explanation of the flavor here, aside from the cheesy "catch lightning in a bottle" line I read on the back of the label. The flavor my palate disclosed is mostly grapefruit and lemon, a very soda-like taste that should only appeal to Mtn Dew fans looking or an alternative- not energy drink drinkers looking for a bit less caffeine. Its effervescence is curt and everlasting, right down to the last few gulps, but the flavor is dead in the carbonated water. It is maddeningly muted, a taste that your tongue will spend the entire twenty ounces searching for more than what is actually here. Ace-k and sucralose do the sweetening here, but it is a tepid mixture that offers little weight; its only interaction is the addition of a synthetic cloak that veils any possible realism the blend sometimes can achieve.

Each bottle contain some B vitamins and 115 milligrams of caffeine. Being an energy soda, the kick is decent, lasting an hour, perhaps a bit longer. Overall, Mutant Super Soda White Lightning wants to be a sort of "my first energy drink," but there are far too many soda influences here to ever be anything else.

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