Saturday, July 18, 2015

Venom Low Calorie Strawberry Apple Energy Drink Review

The first new Venom in a long time, the flavor today is Strawberry Apple and appears not to have any sugared alternative available. The can has lamentably mutated from the awesome original, resealable one to the standard sixteen ounce pull-tab variety, but the intimidating design auspiciously remains intact.

Our first sip is sweet, the fruits taste gooey and saccharine with a sour, earthy bite. The initial splash on your tongue is strawberry, an honest rendition if it were not for its extreme but artificial sugariness. The sweetness additionally blurs any depth to bright red produce, bridging blandly into the later apple flavor. You hardly recognize the transformation, the oft autumn-harvest adding only a superficial taste and tartness. Erythritol, ace-k and sucralose are the sweetener-system of choice and do an indiscriminate job, never offensively not sugar but at the same time painfully not sugar. Overall, after a long hiatus, Venom comes back with a whimper.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and 160 milligrams of caffeine. The kick is as standard as the brand has ever been, a buzz lasting three hours on a good day. Overall, it is good to see Venom back, but their Strawberry Apple Low Calorie variety is not good.

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Tara Jackson said...

I am drinking one of these right now? I couldn't even tell what flavor it was when i first tasted it. I like the black mamba one better... this one tastes a bit like medicine. (maybe thats the numbing after taste?)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Me and my boyfriend absolutely LOVE this flavor of Venom. We have scoped out several stores in the area and know where to go to find them. However, supply has been running low and I'm guessing that's due to DEMAND. In our area, this is a popular flavor selling out in all stores. I suspect your review may need ... umm ... review.

James Burrough said...

The Straw-Apple and Grape are the only flavors I enjoy. The others are all way too sweet. Especially the Orange and Red Cans. Wow. Pure sugar.

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