Sunday, July 26, 2015

Canna Mango Energy Drink Review

It is nearly impossible to distinguish this variety from the brand's other offering, and that is far from a good thing. It may be a clean design, easy to read and attractively bright green, but it places all bets on the idiotic "hemp" artifice and loses. It is not edgy nor is it cool.

From its taste along, I give this a recommendation, and I am only on my first sip. Candid sweetness thanks to real cane sugar, its weight is envied by every diet drink out there. Its texture is thick and almost grainy, a brilliant parody of the fruit's pulp that provides every gulp more unfeigned realism that it has any right to be. But it is the flavor that truly shines, a sole mango experience without any nuance to distract from its juicy honesty. At a short twelve ounces, its veracious purity never exhausts your liking for the unconvoluted mango imitation, however that does not completely excuse its incapacious can. Today it is "go big or go home," and unless Canna Mango plays on its competitors terms, it is gonna wind up going home. And that is a shame.

Each can contains: caffeine (120 milligrams), B vitamins, taurine, hemp, and inositol. You are not going to get more than two hours worth of energy out of this, but you should not have any crash afterwords either. Overall, Canna Mango is a tasty but imperfect energy drinks. Yeah, it is one of those again.

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