Saturday, April 26, 2014

Canna Energy Drink Review

A hemp energy drink banking on the unbridled success of the country's expanding marijuana acceptance, Canna Energy is reminiscent of the Cocaine brand years ago, only without any of the shock value. There should be more ounces a can, and despite there being nothing offensive with the visuals here, you are more likely to buy this to impress your friends than due to a striking appearance.

Forty grams of sugar has sips swimming stiffly across the palate, a sweet, if uncomplicated, cocktail of pineapple, melon and lime. The fruits coalesce into dysphoric simplicity, every mouthful disenchanting with its enervated effervescence and defect intricacy. Of course, the 160 calories are consumed painlessly, thanks to its short twelve ounce can, but never did a gulp scream for another; rather it screamed, "this is boring."

Each can contains: caffeine (120 mg), vitamin E, inositol, taurine, and hemp. Ten milligrams of the good stuff an ounce, the buzz is unspectacular, lasting two hours. Overall, Canna Energy Drink should not be as decent as it ends up being, but it is still not particularly good.

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