Sunday, May 4, 2014

vitaminwater energy berry punch Review

Not the "vitaminenergy" spin off of years ago, "vitaminwater energy" is a fresh approach from the company. Considerably easier to read label that is printed on opposed to shrinkwrapped, the can unfortunately lost weight, wasting away to a thin twelve ounces. Deep into 2014, this brand extension is much too late to be a serious competitor; I do not see the once-iconic twenty ounce vitaminwater bottles in many hands, and this line will doubtfully rest in more palms.

Grape, blue and raspberry listlessly recline faded in the background, the beverage's rough sparkling carbonation coarsely greeting tongues and throats. The fruits have scant quantities of their natural qualities, a big berry blur and less of a fruit punch one. Tartness is reticent but appreciated while tippling as the lone depth to the experience. Stevia and cane juice sweeten benignly, keeping down its calorie count and my waist line. vitaminwater energy berry punch drinks a whole heck of a lot better than anticipated, but for two bucks, there are remarkably better punches on the shelf.

B vitamins, vitamin C, and eighty milligrams of caffeine give us an hour and a half long buzz- which is awfully weak if you are new to energy drinks. Overall, vitaminwater's website declares to "make boring brilliant;" at least they got the boring part right.

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