Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spike Orange Gold Energy Drink Review

Rather than the cluttered and cramped eight ounce can from when we last saw Spike, this sixteen ounce aluminum transport permits plenty of space for all their warning labels. Your eyes are forthwith drawn to the large logo, a clean branding that is refreshingly hardcore in a world of functionality and hydration.

The clever text on the back claims that "once you take a sip, you'll never go back," a bold statement that is partially true. The flavor is orange and decidedly diet, reminiscent of sugar free Crush with a realistic bite in an otherwise charlatan cooler. It is doubtlessly tart and stupidly sweet, an animated experience without a trace of bitterness. Carbonation is perfect as you sponge up the sixteen ounces, however it is a beverage more impressive for caffeine camouflaging than anything.

The energy cocktail consists of: caffeine (350mg), B vitamins, and other unpronounceable crap. Its can warns about its stimulant potency, but like a fat guy at a buffet, my tolerance is well beyond starting at a suggested half of a can. Earlier, I said the aforementioned affidavit was partially true, because although the flavor is certainly decent, it is not worth the $2.99 paid (thanks 7-11). 

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