Tuesday, September 11, 2012

XS Cola Blast Energy Drink Review

The albino can to XS Cola Blast is only appropriate considering how Diet Coke popularized it years ago. The logo certainly blasts off of the bland background (yeah, I went there), as does most other text, but there is nothing here that has not been offered by previous varieties or other drinks.

Energy colas tend to struggle, as do diet colas in general (and be honest, so do regular colas), but XS does a surprisingly adequate job here. Its body of vanilla is spiced with cinnamon and cloves, a thick marbleization incomplete without a note of citrus. The caloric free sugars do there thing as you would imagine, however they do leave a bit of an aftertaste. Additionally, the former is mildly herbal, contributes from the drink's energy cocktail, but the beverage's bold acidic bite beards it to some success. This is definitely not the definitive energy cola, but it is unexpectedly sufficing.

The buzz from the eight ounce drink was nothing to shake a stick at, lasting up to two hours without jitters. Each can contains: B vitamins, herbs (including ginseng), taurine, and caffeine. Overall, Cola Blast is probably the best XS since Summit Blast, but that honestly is not saying much at all.

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