Thursday, May 10, 2012

XS Summit Blast Energy Drink Review

Taking cues from an obvious source, XS Summit Blast sports a paragraph on its side that mentions its "...mountain of B vitamins" and its "...dewy blend." Funny. Its can is dually green and pleasantly clean and easy to read, though the jingle to the left cannot seem to stand out against the lighter of the two shades.

Its flavour certainly fits the bill of its humorously blantant inspiration, though more so vividly crisp and spiked with acute bursts of lime and lemon. Heavier on the first citrus, and there is some mild melon to note under the breath of the aforementioned, a usual little something familiar to this taste often tasted, as evidenced by the pile of crushed Diet Dew cans next to my desk. They are all adequately sweet but not unknowingly artificial, as are the fruit's themselves. And soon they are swallowed in coarse carbonation, halting anyone from swiftly sipping and dulling the fruit's otherwise sharpness. But the experience is mostly successful, and is miles ahead of the soda it dittoed.

Each can contains: caffeine(124.5mg), B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and other herbs. The blend is not particularly buzz worthy but is functional, lasting two and a half or so hours without a crash. All in all, XS Summit Blast is a pretty decent energy drink facsimile of Diet Mtn Dew.

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