Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CoMotion Dragon Fruit Energy Drink Review

Dimwittedly diminutive at first glance, CoMotion Dragon Fruit contains all the caffeine of a sixteen ounce energy drink, condensed into a small eight. It is a rather novel concept, though its can, despite the "2x Energy" line, needs to better explain it, risk getting tossed aside for something larger, unknowingly equally potent. Otherwise however, it is quite nice to the eyes, even though it sports a generic graphic and becomes a bit busy towards the bottom.

With sucralose keeping the sugar content at twenty, the dragon fruit flavour is not quite as sweet anticipated, slightly tart with a faintly bitter, realistic edge. The two latter set in much towards the end, and they are admiringly done and provide the fruit's only personality. Contrarily it is an incredibly modest eight ounces, boarding on bland but thankfully sips swiftly and is never offensive. The carbonation is nearly nonexistent and the extreme pallidness result in a drink that passes down with out you really noticing, a failed attempt at being refreshing that is instead an exercise in the uninteresting.

Each eight ounces contains: caffeine(160mg), taurine, guarana, ginseng, gingko, and B vitamins. There is three hours of power in each can, causing some jitters but nothing of a crash. All in all, CoMotion Dragon Fruit is an innocuous beverage with nothing notable but its abortive gimmick.

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