Sunday, May 6, 2012

XL Energy Shot Review

When shrunk down to the size of a two ounce shot does the XL design look its best, with the lack of clutter really helping with the lack of real estate. It still lacks character and feels somewhat corporate, and the name "XL" does not make sense here, considering shots are supposed to be extra small concentrations of larger energy drinks.

With seven grams of sugar and only sixty milligrams of caffeine, each sip makes no mention of any herbal or bitterness. The flavour however, is as bland as could be, tasting only slightly of vanilla and apple, both sufficiently sweetened but ever so banal to the tongue. The experience is pleasing sour, with neither stock flavour ever feeling misplaced within the acidity. Each of the few sips offered are uncommonly smooth, and the Red Bull inspiration to each is unmistakable but well done nonetheless. It is quite a content tasting shot, but I would never pick it over an energy drink.

There is not much caffeine, only sixty milligrams, but there is also taurine and some B vitamins. The kick lasts less than an hour and a half, a disappointing buzz who's only savior is its lack of a crash. In the end, XL Energy Shot's redundant taste was its highlight, and its hopelessly weak moxie was what it sweeps under the carpet and hopes no one notices.

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