Friday, May 4, 2012

Slap Lemonade Frozen Energy Review

Frozen Lemonade is a much more marketable flavour than is the apple variety, with ice pops and Italian ices and sherbets often tasting of the yellow fruit. Slap's packaging however, is unable to demonstrate what exactly people would be buying into, as its novelty cannot be explained with just words.

The inconsistent thawing allows for a turbid mush, a frigid soup thick with ice. It tastes obtusely of lemon, unnecessarily sweetened with little tartness. It has a discernible bite and is at first refreshing, but you grow bored with the ten ounces quickly and the saccharinity is promptly cloying. Possessing the plastic polar pouch proves problematic, not only for its cumbersomeness but also because the thin coat of ice breaks off and leaves a puddle, not to mention the lubrication does not make for an easy hold. Plus, actually consuming this in public is rather embarrassing, as the gimmick of sucking the nipple of a dripping, gelid bag is not common.

There is 140 milligrams of caffeine, some taurine, and varied quantities of several B vitamins. The energy cocktail can only muster up a two and a half hour buzz, jittery probably because of the sugar more so than anything. Overall, the laziness of the flavour pales in comparison to the brisk imagination of its niche sibling.

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