Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nexcite Energy Drink Review

Though not explicitly an energy drink, Nexcite hails itself as an "herbal supplement," and contains caffeine, ginseng, and guarana: an energy drink in my book. Its bottle is creatively shaped but the design is anything but, with boring white text written on appealing blue background. There is a red rabbit for visual interest, but on the whole the beverage looks like a premium spring water more else than anything.

A lovely perfume splashes out of the narrow container, a beauty that does not exactly translate well into a flavour. It is a diluted elixir of powdery fruits, a punch of raspberry and passion fruit with dark traces of lemon, strawberry, and kiwi, the muted flavours tasting distant and distracted. The party is sugary like cotton candy and resembles it in the mouth, not at all syrupy and never overbearingly sweet. It is not at all bad, and with the last few sips you have full appreciation for the peculiar allure, however the wealth of the eleven ounces are spent in question of what exactly one is tasting.

Each bottle contains caffeine, guarana, and ginseng, along with some herbs and extracts not really worth the mention other than their unusualness. The buzz was unspectacular and bordered on weak, lasting an hour or two. All in all, Nexcite's marvel taste justifies the $1.05 paid, but is not worth looking hard for.

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