Saturday, May 12, 2012

Killer Buzz Proto Energy Drink Review

Killer Buzz- oh sorry, I mean "KLR BZ Proto," is a pretty decent looking energy drink, the one being reviewed first because it hails itself as the "original" flavour in the line, exampled by the lower most text. The writing is actually pretty clever, and each variety sports a side paragraph that runs rampant on some loosely related topic that is quite a joy to read. The look is decent and clean, and while the bare aluminium is hard to photograph, it is not hard on the eyes.

Red Bull got drunk at one of Monster's wild parties, they banged, got knocked up and gave birth to Killer Buzz Proto. It launches resembling the also green, sixteen ounce variety empire; a deeply sweet pineapple marbled thickly with vanilla and cotton candy. However things begin to form into the infamously expensive and laughably eight ounce beverage, with more sourness and the fruit's haste mutation to apple. It refuses to taste medicinal although there is a slight gumminess to it, but the experience regardless is quite smooth, sipping relaxedly but at a passionate pace. Overall, unimaginative as it is, each quaff is a refreshing balance of two flavours intensely recognisable.

Each can contains: caffeine(200mg the interweb reads), B vitamins, taurine, and seventeen amino acids. The buzz certainly was not killer (I would not be writing if it was), but it was a strong four hours long, with me somewhat jittery but not crashing afterward. Overall, Killer Buzz Proto is worth getting free samples of for its novelty, but I hesitate recommending you drop a few Washington's.

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Brad Porter said...

I remember buying a smaller can of this at a dollar store in Muskogee, OK of $1.00 & it was good. I don't see in the same store anymore & it was the only type of place I found it.

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