Monday, May 14, 2012

Knockout Original Energy Drink Review

Knockout is a refreshing return to the hardcore, Monster-esque look that has seemingly been forgotten in favour of functionality. Here we have a beverage that is unapologetically aggressive, not brazenly original or billowing with personality, but its vintage visage is at least clean and consistent.

Expectedly, with such antique visuals comes an equally archaic flavour, tasting unimpressively of Monster, who itself is influenced by Red Bull. It sips smoothly with a thin lacquer left gumming your gums, an otherwise clean experience who is initially a tad over sweet. This sugariness augments as the gulps are forced, and your last of many is a syrupy wreck of an homage gone wrong. The apple and vanilla anticipated appear passive, tasting offensively bland and are lost within the saccharinity. There is no detail or complexity in any of the sixteen ounces, and on the whole, Knockout is more of a knockoff.

Each can contains: caffeine(160mg), B vitamins, and taurine. Like everything else, the kick is milk-and-water, lasting just under three hours with some jitters. In the end, Knockout Original is a beverage proudly lazy.

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allen b. said...

Although punch is my favorite, I bought a whole case of original for a pool party I had a few weeks ago. I mixed it with some vodka and it made for a killer cocktail. People took notice to it. The color, the taste and the kick. And it was a lot less expensive than Monster! I think a lot of drinks are compared to Monster, but honestly, Knockout rocks for putting up a good tasting energy drink that does the job it is supposed to do.

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