Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spike Shooter Energy Drink Review

Spike Shooter is one of the more potent drinks still available with each can boasting 300 mg of caffeine, though it never really seemed to influence the industry, as most mainstream products rarely exceed 200 even with a larger can. Speaking of which, Spike's is busy, namely with warnings about the extreme levels of the good stuff. Words fly in all directions, unfortunately, as this distracts from any sense of fluidity with the design.

Each sip is vividly influenced by the harshness of the popular stimulant, with the back of your throat clogging with a decidedly medicinal taste. But the general flavour is something of a fruit punch, albeit one that struggles to display each individual taste, resulting in the bland muddling that is Spike Shooter. Cranberry is distinct enough, something that resembles red grape is additionally present, however neither feel authentic to the tongue, especially regarding their sweetness. Cherry and lime notes deepen the tastes of the former, and though it's never a seamless broadening, the added complexity rounds out an otherwise inept experience. But the saccharinity is an issue overall, with it aiding acutely with the aforementioned thickening as you sip and the flavours subside. The flavour is certainly drinkable, but it is not something I would drink again.

This is the product's main draw, with 300 milligrams of my namesake chemical. Sure, there are some several B vitamins present, but they do not likely aid in the drink giving a consistent four plus hour buzz. In the end, Spike Shooter is a unique and inspired beverage, but its large ambitions did not translate well into crafting a flavour.

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