Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nestle Milo Chocolate Nutritional Energy Drink Review

Based on the tired but true knowledge that sugar and calories are a source of raw energy, Nestle Milo Chocolate Nutritional Energy Drink does not contain any caffeine. But it speaks the word "energy," so I am obligated to review it, although I am really starting to hate that obligation. Its can, however, is ugly beyond belief, with a needlessly happy man pointing his finger at seemingly nothing, who is badly rendered and actually kinda creepy.

For something I had understandably low expectations for, Milo tastes rather good, if not bordering on great. The twenty three grams of sugar sweeten things beautifully, and the anticipated chocolate flavour depicts distinct characteristics of malt, giving it laudable depth for something that is essentially canned chocolate milk. Milk fat and palm oil are what gives the experience its surprisingly creaminess and thickness, and these five grams of grease are actually more effective than they are in some energy coffees. Things do become slightly grainy, particularly towards the back of your throat and nearing the bottom of the can, but this gives the tongue texture; something for it to do within all the richness. Overall, you may not care what I think of Nestle Milo, but I am shocked that I liked it.

This is purely a European product, as in America we rarely associate the word "energy" without it containing caffeine now a days. Sure, vitamins C and B make appearances, the latter of which makes multiple ones, but in terms of what I am and readers are used to, there is not much energy in the modern day sense. Overall, Nestle Milo Chocolate Nutritional Energy Drink is nothing like what I am used to, but it tasted good enough for me not to really care, at least while drinking it.

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