Thursday, February 16, 2012

XL Energy Drink Review

With a name "XL," one cannot help but wonder why the drink itself is not "extra large," weighing in at a small eight ounces. Its can is otherwise average, thankfully absent of clutter but not not exactly brimming with personality. Sure, the two tone blue dotted effect is decent to look at, and the larger red logo bounces sharp out at you, but nothing about it ever takes you by surprise.

Each sip of this Poland produced product is familiar, almost insanely so, with only its calm carbonation marking any individuality. The flavour here is apple and hard not to notice, displaying a controlled sourness and a limitless chemical quality, both properties unfortunate with the latter more so. Everything is gummy, and the twenty eight grams of sugar is not syrupy but is a bit too pronounced, and both grow sickeningly as the fluid warms. All these calamitous characteristics carelessly confederate the experience to any Red Bull clone, one that tastes as exhausted as is to drink.

Each can contains: caffeine(eighty milligrams), taurine, and various B vitamins. The kick is unexceptional, lasting less than two hours or so, fortunately with no afterward crash. All in all, XL Energy Drink amounts to less than the sum of its mediocre parts.

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