Saturday, February 18, 2012

Arma Cobra Energy BBQ Potato Chips Review

Being the first caffeinated potato chips encountered, Arma Energy Cobra comes in a predominately black two ounce bag that does not detail what this product is adequately enough. Sure, it uses the known word "energy," twice actually, and even though it lists supplements towards the top, it should bluntly say "Energy Potato Chips" and not force the consumer to read about the pouch for a moment for themselves to put two and two together.

Perhaps being the most difficult thing to consume and review, my hands were constantly coated in tasty residue from the crisps, and I am thinking that wearing a white shirt today may have been a mistake. The thinly sliced potatoes rest in the bag in a various conditions, and the suggested taste of "BBQ" is a fabulous balance of smokey, spicy, and sweet. The chips are stiff but brittle, thanks to the kettle cooking, and they crunch with satisfaction regardless as to whether or not they are perfectly shaped or shattered. None of the energy ingredients are noticeable, and even when finishing off a bag and eating the superfluous powder and crumbs all you can taste is that of any such chip.

Each bag contains: caffeine(seventy milligrams), taurine, various B vitamins and inositol. This energy blend is lackluster, with the hour plus long potency of any unfortunately small drink, a sacrifice that was probably done in the name of taste.

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