Monday, February 20, 2012

Ironclad Zero Cherry Lime Energy Drink Review

Ironclad Zero Cherry Lime visually does the line proud, holding true the industrial vibe that was praised about the earlier varieties. The lower half is a bit busy still, but "Ironclad" and "Zero" are the first things your eyes notice, however the supposed flavour, cherry lime, should be a bit more bold.

The colourfully excited can has you expecting something of the same nature, but instead your first sip is surprisingly unpleasant, tasting bland and uncomfortably under sweetened. Neither have much of any sourness to play with, and each of the alleged fruits choke the tongue with their artificiality, an almost bitter falseness that is followed by an equally obnoxious earthiness. Everything is pointlessly mordant, with even the effervescence feeling pungent as it harshly washing the mouth with the absurdly barbarous beverage. With misguidedly high expectations and each of the sixteen ounces being a ridiculous chore to finish, Ironclad Zero Cherry Lime is just another disappointing sugarless variety in the line.

Each can contains: caffeine(154mg), taurine, guarana, some B vitamins, and some electrolytes. This blend is not particularly potent, with the jitter free buzz lasting two and a half hours or so. In the end, Ironclad Zero Cherry Lime is an uneven frustration of an energy drink.

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