Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Go Girl Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

The entire attitude of all these "feminine" energy drinks are radically intolerant and sexist, but no more so than is Monster and its successful advertising to men almost exclusively. It would be unprofessional to criticize just these drinks when society itself blindly conforms to this gender segregation, but one cannot help but feel that there must be a better way to target an elixir equally to both exhausted women and men. At least Go Girl Sugar Free's can is decent, pleasingly clean even if the pink becomes a bit much.

Things are noticeably diet upon taking the first sip, and each subsequent is ever more so. Thusly the actual flavour tastes muffled and opaque, resembling cherry and raspberry with thick misunderstanding. They are thankfully sweet enough, even if it is bluntly artificial, but they themselves are not strong enough to show any authenticity, whether it is in the form of tartness or rich complexity. The experience has a slight blueberry overtone, an equally misreckoned fruit that does little outside meaninglessly confuse the latter of the two into slight misidentification. The actual carbonation is soft but the aforementioned synthetic sugar taste halts the casual sipping nature desired, and the twelve ounces drag on longer than they should. It is a subordinate flavour, unfortunately, considering how strong the Lemon Drop variety tasted last year.

Each can contains: caffeine(100mg), inositol, taurine, super citrimax, and a slew of B vitamins. The blend does not give much of the beautiful energy promised, but the kick was of solid strength and lasted an adequate two hours. Overall, I have several Go Girl's still left to experience, and hopefully this is their only mistake.

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