Friday, February 24, 2012

Samba99 Guarana Energy Super Fruit Bar Review

This Brazilian made super fruit bar is caffeinated impressively, although one does wish the packaging did away with the rugged chick. She thankfully is not the focus of the box but she is distracting and quite out of place, and without her the cardboard would look far more sophisticated. Then there is the name, Samba99, which is not particularly catchy and reads rather choppily with what it follows and with what follows it.

Your teeth sink into the dark depth of the firm bar with ease, obesely sweet and tasting indistinctly of fruit, an unspecific cocktail of ambiguous citruses and apple varieties. There is a slight bitter burn that soothes the saccharinity somewhat, and it is more so apparent following the swallow of each bite. It is an herbal pungency who is appropriately noted and does not weigh heavy on the tongue. The bar is made up mostly of pulp, with a pleasant crunch, likely of a seed, occasionally found hidden within the otherwise evenly stiff jelly. Everything surprisingly affable, with the flavour resembling its ingredients without ever becoming a niche experience.

Each bar contains roughly 150 milligrams of caffeine, though it really should specify this on the label. The kick was three hours at most, and the strength was up to snuff with anything containing near or identical amounts of the stimulant. Overall, Samba99 Guarana is a novel product that does eventually stand tall once it finds its feet.

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