Sunday, February 26, 2012

XL Lime and Lemon Energy Drink Review

Not yet available in America, this can is straight from Europe, complete with an unfamiliar nutrient information set up. It also may explain the unconventional order of the supposed flavours, with almost all similarly titled sodas here selling as "Lemon Lime." But other than a simple colour swap, the can is no better than is the original variety, and quite frankly the shades of green chosen are not particularly attractive.

The tiny metal spout cracks opens with a rush of effervescence and a few rogue splashes of sugary fluid trying to make it to the computer in front of me. The flavour is shockingly mild to taste but pleasant overall, with each fruit braided as one and both influencing a common tartness, one that becomes especially prevalent as the flavour itself moderates. Neither citrus scream much complexity or authenticity, but both do advertise a sweet denseness that runs like sap down your throat. It is not syrupy nor does it laminate the mouth with a shoddy nectar, however if the can were any larger this would probably not be the case. Overall, XL Lime and Lemon refines a wholly usual flavour that would make any such soda blush.

There truly is not much force behind such a small can, one with the same two hour buzz that left me so unimpressed with the former variety. And according to the back of label, each can contains many foreign words. All in all, XL Lime and Lemon may not be perfect, but it does try much harder than does the original.

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