Friday, February 10, 2012

Wired X344 Energy Drink Review

Wired X344's can is incredibly similar to that of X505, but its exact relation is unknown and the latter is believed to be discontinued. Its can has not been improved since it lifted its appearance, with the flames still adding nothing but distraction to an already distracted design. The logo itself, however, is not all too bad, with the varying fonts, sizes, and colours never feeling inorganically organized.

Ever still is this a Red Bull clone, albeit one with something of a personality. Fifty grams of HFCS and dextrose are not as sweet as you may imagine, with the large caffeine content certainly biting the experience with its bitter teeth. Every sip is rather syrupy but many are refreshing, and the initial taste is a thick uniting of vanilla and blueberry, with bubble gum and vague notes of apple eventually coming into play. Both fruits liquidate their natural qualities and all the flavours are medicinal and chemical, casually resembling any of the multifarious knock offs available. Wired X344 does not ever wander far from its stale heritage, though its insouciant attitude is guiltily enjoyable.

Caffeine(344mg), taurine, guarana, inositol, and several B vitamins make up the energy cocktail, an expectedly potent blend that kicks for four and a half hours. All in all, Wired X344 is a bit more than the sum of its shamelessly unimaginative parts.

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Brad Porter said...

I like the intense boost from this product. The bad is is that it's a Red Bull clone.

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