Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cowboy Up Energy Drink Review

Coming in a metal bottle with an attractive gradient, Cowboy Up is a pretty cool looking energy drink. The name did require some research on my part, but its appearance is clean, simple, and never boring. Like opprobrious Uber Monster, the product proudly professes being non-alcoholically brewed, but let us just hope the flavor is a bit more creative.

With help from the bottle opener packaged with the samples, I was able to crack off the cap painlessly. It smells strongly like wine, but tastes richly of apples, spiced slightly with the earnest organic expression of the fruit. Tenderly tart and deservedly sweet, McIntosh and Cortland varieties come to mind with each sip. But sips soon become gulps, with the palate reveling the refreshing ale, and the twelve ounces are exhausted effortlessly. Cowboy Up is a stimulating character study of the autumn harvest, one who needs to come in a larger bottle.

Caffeine (250mg), B vitamins, L-carnitine, L-theanime, and acetyl make up the energy cocktail, a rather impressive one considering it is a modest twelve ounces. The kick lasted about four hours, hitting hard without jitters or successional crash. In the end, Cowboy Up gets thumbs up, hands down.

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