Friday, April 8, 2011

Rockstar Recovery Grape Energy Drink Review

Although the original Rockstar Recovery's can, and overall quality, was less than impressive, the grape flavour extension works the same design rather successfully. The purple and black are entirely complementing to one another, and the general colour scheme is well rounded, with white highlights and a generous lacing of powder blue. There is still the doleful abundance of text, though, but the combination of colours is rather intriguing, as it gives the still dismayed design a fresh coat of paint.

Initially emaciate, the flavour proceeds to coat the tongue soon a bit more strongly, only to once again mild out. The focus of the taste is obvious, though it's poorly translated and is far too diluted overall. Grape should and is expected to be represented forcefully, and while breaking the traditional mold can end favourably, it is simply too aquatically adulterated to pleasure from. There's only a slight tartness to taste, which while it too is unfortunately thinned, the feeble quantity is nonetheless enjoyably present. The existing flavour lacks any sort of grasp, authenticity-wise , however it's also deficient of the appropriate degree of sweetness to induce conceivable insincerity. The fluid ends up feeling like the awkward middle ground between genuineness and artificiality, and the overall experience is every bit as inelegant as it sounds. On the bright side, though, the basal of the can is reached swiftly, but sadly that's about all the positives I have to offer.

Each can contains: ginseng, taurine, caffeine(160mg), milk thistle, and various B vitamins. The prior cocktail provided me with a pretty decent kick, lasting around three hours, and I did not display jitters. All in all, though Rockstar Recovery Grape wasn't exactly disappointing or completely terrible, it wasn't able to salvage the line out of its recent mediocre slump.

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