Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plutonium Energy Powder Review

There's not much to say about Plutonium's tube, as it's essentially identical to the previous variety Strontium. Both clear conduits sport a fairly bare design that's appealing and appropriate, however other than colour and name, there's virtually no difference. The green powder, though, does complement the yellow more so than did the red, but the alleged flavour isn't what one may expect. The common assumption is that it would taste of lime or apple, but it instead is supposedly pear flavoured, which while that doesn't sound at all bad, it isn't what first comes to mind.

The grains of the powdered nectar melt immediately, and the crystals initially resemble a light pear to the taste. The meager flavouring is authentically molded after the fruit, and the strength of the pear gains decent momentum as sugar deliquesces. The flavour is exclusively of the said fruit, and though there's a strong sweetness sting that's sharply detected afterward, the pear's intensifying allows everything to remain evenly proportioned. Out of the prior is an addition of a sourness that, along with the acute saccharinity, instills a firm honeyed quality that was entirely anticipated and mainstream. There's an odd plastic aftertaste, however, that's perceivable through the aforementioned sugar inundation. It is rather mild, though, and while it's wholly disadvantageous to the flavour's quality and the genuineness of imitated fruit, it was far more tasteful than the ninety milligrams of caffeine would of been. Plutonium's flavour does withhold its fair share of complications, but overall completing the contents of the confection cannula was both easy and pleasing.

All that's intended for energy, other than sugar, is the precedently acknowledged amount of caffeine, which clocks in at ninety mg. From this, I had under two hours of what's referred to as energy, and only an insignificant crash followed. In the end, Plutonium Energy Powder doesn't excite nor does it disappoint, and it's this pedestrian impression that deters a full recommendation.

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