Monday, April 4, 2011

Diet Sun Drop Soda Review

Sun Drop, both regular and diet, recently caught my eye while I was shopping through my local grocery store. I actually was fairly excited to see both being sold near me, as I've read about this (and for that matter many other Mtn. Dew like beverages), but never have I been able to locate them. And while this isn't the typical energy drink like most of what I review, I had always tried to express my opinion on any highly caffeinated soda. Diet Sun Drop comes in both cans and bottles, but given that many sodas' tastes are impaired by cans, I chose the only bottle I could, which is of two liter size. Its label is alike many diet sodas on the shelf, with a faded colour scheme that comes across feeling bland and impersonal. But the indistinct look of the bottle does aid the product partially, as it doesn't create a cluttered or overly busy design, like some previous sodas I've reviewed have.

I don't always drink soda, but when I do, I prefer Diet Mtn. Dew, and Diet Sun Drop's taste is closely similar. It begins with grapefruit that directly leads a partial mutation into a orange flavour. The first of the fruits gives the experience a similar feel to Fresca, although it too lacks a radiant or excited presence and instead feels overly livid. It does, however, resemble the fruit with decent realism and accuracy. The following orange tastes vaguely tinted of lemon and both lack much of any authenticity, which is surprising, given the only variety of the one percent juice is that of orange. Since the change from grapefruit into the aforementioned is incomplete, there's still a noticeable degree of the previous in the orange, and there's fair complexity to it because of this and the crusting of lemon. There's a rather subtle rise of saccharinity, one of decent authenticity, that proceeds and it is flavoured tamely of a less than mild melon. The just prior addition doesn't seem to mesh with any of the previously mentioned and described fruits, and it appears only briefly as the experience concludes soon after. Diet Sun Drop's carbonation goes mostly unnoticed with each passing sip, as it never really enhances the fluid's taste or fecundate much gaiety. Overall, while it certainly tastes different from Diet Mtn. Dew, it's similar enough for fans to enjoy.

Unlike many diet sodas, Diet Sun Drop actually contains calories, albeit only forty of the little devils. But nutrition wise, sugar free pop is far easier on the waist line than the regular stuff. Overall, while I'm glad I've finally found Diet Sun Drop, after several years of reading about it online, it isn't anything revolutionary nor do I see it giving Diet Mtn. Dew a run for its money.

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