Sunday, April 10, 2011

True Colors Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

True Colors Sugar Free actually comes in a pretty decent can; its design isn't really busy and I like the dotted bottom half. But the colour choices are what ruins the visual pleasure for me, as the white and silver is far too bleak to look at, and the only real instillation of colour is used by the latter of the name, which ends up being too odd for the rest of the can. It's sort of funny, too, as with a name like "True Colors," there really isn't much in the realm of colours.

True Colors Sugar Free's taste is sharp on the tongue, at first, and once the initial pungency occurs, you noticed the liquid is rather low on flavour. The antecedent astringent sensation doesn't taste much like anything, actually, and it mostly resembles the chemical unpleasantness of any similar beverage. Red Bull is the obvious inspiration for the flavour, however the usual staples of such are veiled behind the previous. What can be observed is of apple that's inadequately sweetened, and lamentably it's the only appearance of sugar throughout the entirety of the drink. This causes the rest of the product to taste dull and borderline bitter, and even with vanilla soon touching the prior briefly, the grievous absence of desired saccharinity results in it feeling bland and deeply alcohol influenced, much like pure vanilla extract does plain. There's no tart or sourness to taste and as a whole, each sip brings back bad memories of the companies previous low calorie disaster 24:7 Sugar Free. It is thankfully more palatable, but it is pretty sad when that's the only possible praise.

Each can contains: caffeine, inositol, and several B vitamins in much varying amounts. Like one could expect I didn't receive much of a buzz, but what was felt lasted two hours. I didn't have jitters nor did I detect a crash afterward. Overall, the only way that I could claim many positives about True Colors Sugar Free would to be if I was payed. A whole heck of a lot.

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