Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vegas Fuel Energy Drink Review

I dim-wittingly passed on a can of Vegas Fuel a while back, for who knows what reason, and it has remained unpurchasable to me since. But Spencer's Gifts recently broke the cruel tradition, though it cost me a far too high $2.99. Its can, however, is at least attractive, with respectfully little text and a sophisticated design. The minor red circle is enough of a point of visual interest to keep the label from appearing boring, and the major usage of black allows the can to look sleek and sexy, even if it doesn't display much of a personality.

The first sip reveals a pleasingly stark myriad of fruits, with a sharp initial focus on the jocund communication between pineapple and cherry. The former gives a sort of tropical influence to the latter, and it extends deep into the furthering flavours. Both are allowed a comfortably appropriate degree of sweetness, however the cherry particularly tastes more robust and is easily more trenchant to taste. Orange is another cardinal aspect of the flavour, and although there are bland depictions of both nearby tangerine and clementine, their ineptitude and ill definition concedes them to unionize with the consequential orange, birthing a curvaceously hearty zest of citrus into the experience. There are notes of green grape and raspberry, and the erstwhile of the two is remarkably genuine and is as acute on the tongue as permitted. The following, unfortunately, feels involved only for the sake of unnecessarily bulking the general flavour, as it doesn't depict any natural idiosyncrasies nor does it feel wholly established. Biting the end of each sip is a mild slapping of both guava and passion fruit, and while their appearance is brief, they taste dynamic and feel wisely placed. Overall, Vegas Fuel's flavour isn't exactly original, as it certainly feels familiar at times, but it's smartly designed and is wonderfully paced.

Vegas Fuel sadly isn't the most potent in town, with only 142 milligrams of caffeine per can. It gives the drinker a decent buzz lasting little over two hours, but one can't help but wish it was stronger. Other ingredients include: taurine, ginseng, guarana, inositol, and various B vitamins. In retrospect, Vegas Fuel is one that should be bought for taste and not for complete satisfaction.

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