Thursday, July 21, 2011

Uranium Energy Powder Review

Harcos most unique was absolutely saved for last, as before this I've never come across a yellow cake flavoured anything, other than well, yellow cake. The aforementioned colour, though, ends up being alone outside the black text, and understandably it quickly becomes too much. There's no relief from it and if only a quick passing glance is afforded, then everything just blurs boringly together.

As an avid baker myself, the scent of cake is well known to my nose, but oddly Uranium resembles more of a pudding mix than anything. The flavour is much of vanilla and it's coarsely textured and dually buttery. The fact that the product is nearly entirely sugar means that there's a great degree of sugariness that authentically sweetens the taste to that of the batter of the immensely popular oven cooked confection. Thankfully, there is no raw egg consumption here, which while that should be enough to censor the lust to lick the spoon, we all know that it never is. But the sacchariferous chastity isn't quite able to hide a slight aftertaste from the caffeine that's not quite bitter but still lamentable, and although it does distract, by no means does it ruin the experience. The powder is ever pleasing and though this could be on account on the wildly exotic flavour, one should chose to focus on the positives and enjoy the yellow cake taste of Uranium rather than strip it of its identity and criticize the negatives.

There was only two hours of energy felt, and the buzz detected was rather weak, which does make sense with only ninety milligrams of caffeine to perk you up. All in all, Uranium's revivifying creativity isn't perfect but it's a meritable attempt regardless.

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