Friday, September 21, 2012

Ginseng Jubilee Review

Compared to the company's related brand of Rocket Chocolates, Ginseng Jubilee's packaging is less childish and feel more polished. It is still a distinctly vintage appearance, and although its logo is a size too big, you would have a hard time not noticing it.

For a chocolate cherry truffle without any cherries, Ginseng Jubilee is quite good. The chocolate melts into a rich paste tasting faintly of maraschino cherry, a decedent imitation that fools the tongue with its impressive realism and slight tartness. Unlike its sister Rocket Chocolates, there is (lamentably) no caffeine and (thankfully) no bitterness resultingly, crafting a silky experience that is as divine as an energy chocolate can be.

Caffeine free, the candy only contains ginseng (hence its name). The kick was practically non-existent, with no noticeable rise in energy or jitters to prove its existence. In the end, Ginseng Jubilee is a tasty distraction, but those seeking milk chocolate and caffeine should look towards Awake.

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