Wednesday, September 19, 2012

G Shot Goji Berries + Green Tea Energy Shot Review

Debuting in a glass bottle gives G Shot Green Tea an outstanding premium feel and quality heaviness. The design leaves something to be desired however, sporting a fairly stock logo and generic graphics. Thankfully the packaging is clean and very easy to read, but its vegetable greenness and boring appearance is hard to forgive.

I cannot see the masses even shooting this, let alone casually drink it. The flavor is a brutal green tea experiment, bitter with sweet herbal notes of green tea and goji berries. There hardly any fruitiness, but the latter provides a slight cherry tartness as the two plus ounces cascade down. Concentrated like any reduced canned green tea would, this G Shot is a pellmell trial that will test the user's limits for the idiosyncratic.

We get eighty milligrams of caffeine, along side some taurine, B vitamins, and antioxidants. The kick hit quick and lasted two hours, a strong experience without any jitters. Overall, G Shot Green Tea will find its target audience, but I am certainly nowhere near the bulls eye.

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