Monday, September 17, 2012

Blink Zesty Lemon-Lime Energy Water Review

This lemon-lime flavor of Blink uses green almost exclusively, looking decent with the lowermost gradient but fatiguing as your eyes move on up. It is not that the bottle is ugly, but a combination of too much text and too much of one color is boring, although it helps its otherwise understated logo somewhat pop.

The company Hydrive has impressively executed the 'energy water' concept, but a Hydrive this is not. The flavor is surprisingly sweet but entirely artificial, and the fruits struggle to shine through the bland water dominant. The flavor taunts you with a sheathed tartness, its only ounce of detail that keeps the spiritless sipper sipping blindly for more depth. I found no trouble in finishing the entire bottle, as this is not a repulsive or bitter experience, but it is not one that would be picked over something else.

The kick here lasted three hours, a decent length from a decent 150 milligrams of caffeine and taurine, a noble amount rightfully stated under the company crest. But by then stating 'two servings of water,' people likely are going to double the stimulant amount in confusion. But no one can confuse the Caffeine King, but they can certainly chafe him.

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