Saturday, September 15, 2012

Green-Up Pomegranate Energy Drink Review

Pomegranates are more pinkish red than orange, but since their Cranberry variety is already crimson, the company was forced to choose another color. Unfortunately, their decision is farcical and nonsensical, probably confusing drinkers into expectating a crazy "orange/pomegranate" flavor.

Deftly crisp with a sort of bittersweet finish, the flavor demurely describes the namesake as syrupy with ascertainable apple abstractions. Containing fruit nectar brings noticeable honesty into every sip, with a white grape presentment and its saccharine precociousness padding the drink's subtly and complexity. By your last sip you taste little of the promised pomegranate, and instead quaff down something along the lines of a store brand apple juice cocktail, an experience as good as that could ever be.

Eighty milligrams of caffeine and guarana make up the energy blend here, average hour long energy for something eight ounces. All in all, Green-Up Pomegranate is a drink who quickly fades from memory.

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