Monday, April 16, 2012

Great Value Tropical Blend Energy Mix Review

For a generic energy mix, both the box and pouch to Great Value Tropical Blend does not look too shabby. Of course the widely know, if not laughed upon, Wal Mart private label logo is a bit out of place, but it is small enough that you can appreciate all else without the cold reality that it is store brand.

The shiny silver sachet sunders with slight struggle, and out pours a crystalline substance that resembles table sugar without the weight. The water is now dyed a thick neon greenish yellow, and resembles NOS to the nose, though the absence of verbal effervescence breaks that mental connection. The flavour however, is rather bland, with a subdued bitter bite following the unenthusiastic fruitiness. The tropical blend is namely lime, guava, white grape, raspberry, and kiwi, all one dimensional and sound better than they end up tasting. The first two are most notably on the tongue, both shallow excuses for works more intricate. The superseding troika is equally inept but excusably so, all untidily acting as notes but give each non-volatile sip an ounce of respected depth. The saccharinity is done dexterously through a balance of real and faux sweeteners, nothing breathtaking but a quality quality that is worth mentioning. Overall, energy mixes can be and often are less cohesive than Great Value Tropical Blend, but more was honestly expected.

The kick was equal too any with with 160 milligrams of caffeine, some taurine and B vitamins. In the end, the Great Value energy mix line has seen brighter days, but let us hope this is as darkest they get.


Masnor said...

What a verbose review. It reminded me of the bad reviews of movies that make me automatically decide to see the movie - and I usually like what the professional reviewers hate. If Caffeine King didn't use a Thesaurus, then bravo.

I checked reviews because I was in the midst of trying this tropical drink mix and wanted to know the thoughts of others. Because I've only consumed half of the 32 ounces, I don't know how much "energy" or how long the boost will last.

The flavor is light and enjoyable - a nice change from other flavored water. I didn't notice any artificial sweetener tang or aftertaste, but I do regularly drink Crystal Light and the similar WalMart brand. I may be used to the sweeteners. However, I still can't tolerate most diet sodas.

I am certainly more alert now, but I'm not sure if it is due to my amusement of the review or the caffeine in the drink mix.

I tried the energy mix because another shopper recommended them. I plan to buy more.

Anonymous said...

in 1956, Elvis would have been called the king thanks to Great Value Energy Mix.. oh wow! he was & is called the king, Elvis must have time traveled to 2013 & picked up some Great Value Energy Mix.

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff! I mix it with half water, half orange juice in a 20-ounce tumbler and it's DELICIOUS! I've been drinking it every morning and since I don't drink coffee it's the perfect pick-me-up for me. I think an added benefit of the orange juice is, I didn't get one cold all winter long. My problem now is, Walmart doesn't seem to be carrying it anymore! I can't find it anywhere.

Justin Roether said...

I think the is the most affordable solution for daily energy drink consumers. I am sick of paying $2 or more for a powerful energy drink. Anyway, please join me in encouraging Wal-Mart to carry this in more stores consistently.

Justin Roether said...

Please join me in encouraging Wal-Mart stores to keep this in stock. This drink has been one of the viable alternatives to the $2 energy drink for me. Powerful energy in a portable form.

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