Saturday, April 14, 2012

Go Girl Pomegranate Star Fruit Energy Drink Review

Pomegranate Star Fruit is the last Go Girl to review, a line who has certainly had its flaws over the course of four drinks. This is the fifth and easily the most intriguing variety, giving the unknown fruit some appreciated top billing. Its can though, despite its rather pretty colour, is blandly binate and far too relaxed for it to convey any sense of energy.

The eight grams of sugar allow decent believability on the first sip, something that is uncommonly abrupt and tastes unfortunately little of the coveted carambola flavour guaranteed by the can. Thankfully the pomegranate taste is smoother than most applications, and the star fruit does sprinkle some of its own attributes after the former's apex. Its naturally humble idiosyncrasies give each mouthful a deeply circuitous finish, a complexion reminiscent of kiwis, Granny Smith apples, and lemon. Things are slightly tart but appropriate for the flavours we taste, and the effervescence refreshingly lightens and livens what could have been a plodding experience. The asymmetricality between the two fruits is indubitably a missed opportunity, but it is at least a pleasant twelve ounces.

The caffeine content here is suspiciously seventy five milligrams, more than the last two varieties but unequal to the 100mg of some flavours. The kick was rather weak and lasted some time less than two hours. Each can also contains: taurine, B vitamins, and a gentle hunger retardant. All in all, Go Girl Pomegranate Star Fruit is nice to the tongue, but not so to either your eyes or caffeine addition.

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