Thursday, April 12, 2012

Starbucks Doubleshot White Chocolate Energy Coffee Review

This almost forgotten line by Starbucks is finally seeing a new release in the form of White Chocolate, arguably the most unique alleged energy coffee flavour since their own Cinnamon Dulce back in 2009. Its appearance is a welcome breath of fresh air from what the company normally cans, with the binal colour colouration starkly breaking the trite mold that most energy coffees feel the need to fit.

The surprisingly gelatinous liquid stiffly crawls into your mouth, tasting unfortunately only mildly of white chocolate. The milky body has mainly the flavour of milk, sweetened slightly with an undertone of vanilla. The latter is no doubt the namesake without the expected complexities of the at least twenty percent cacao fat confection, and there is absolutely none of the dark chocolate flavour the back paragraph promised. But most disappointing of all is the tiring lack of coffee in each sip, who's presence would have made the aforementioned absence a lot more digestible. The fatlessly thick fluid creates an empty texture who's artificial solidifiers jelly each sip without delectation, and although there is actually some fat present, it obviously is not enough to satisfy the lusted lardaceousness.

It is safe to assume that the caffeine content is again 146 milligrams, since that was what previous members in the line contained. There is also: taurine, ginseng, B vitamins, guarana, and inositol. There is also thirty percent of your daily potassium intake, which is both surprising and impressive and probably should be a selling point for the drink. The buzz was mediocre however, lasting just under three hours. Overall, this disastrous Starbucks variety proves that they returned to the line too soon.

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Anonymous said...

More like almost 1/5 of the daily value of potassium and dont see how you get the consistency of thickness from this, but you are correct, it doesn't taste like either coffee or any kind of chocolate. Maybe like a drop or two of artificial w.c. was added. Most of the flavor is low fat milk and the herbs. YUM. only reason to drink is potassium bc its difficult to obtain without eating TONS OF FOOOOOD!

Evan said...

Do either of you people have an alternative to this you might recommend?

Evan said...

Do either of you recommend an alternative to this?

Evan said...

Do either of you have any recommendations as to an alternative to this?

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