Tuesday, April 10, 2012

neuro Sonic Energy Drink Review

Neuro Sonic is an energy drink, a fact obscured within the unusual bottle and confusing text. It does not explicitly claim to be such a beverage, and outside the unemphasized words "energize" and "mental performance," the common caffeine craving consumer would just pass on by looking for their kick. Its crazy atypical container is sure to gain some aroused glances, however without an univocal labeling as to what it exactly is, the curiosity will likely turn into hopeless confusion.

The pastel red nipple screws off and is actually the cap, however the scent following is wretchedly alike those chewable nausea tablets. The taste is thankfully much more palatable, a surprisingly sweet cherry who is both incompletely authentic and artificial on the tongue. The middle ground it strikes is balanced, and the fruit indicates appropriate saccharinity through a blend of actual and synthetic sugars. There is some cranberry played with, as well as notes of raspberry and lime; all meager examples broadening the cherry's profile and resulting in something with decent depth. There is only thirty five calories per bottle but it does not taste so, with the flavour's complexity mostly masking the sham sugar's slight finish who still rears in occasionally. Overall, Neuro Sonic Energy Drink is something I would drink again for its taste.

My researched tells me that each bottle contains only fifty milligrams of caffeine, a number not entirely unexpected but unfortunate nonetheless. There is also: taurine, many B vitamins, and some annoyingly lengthy herbs and extracts and stuff. In the end, Neuro Sonic Energy Drink's unanticipated impotency and ambiguous bottle outweighs its tastiness.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure we all want an enhancer that can make our brain robust, so maybe flavor isn't even an issue (at least for me, I could care less); calories? (Who cares about calories?) The real question we should all be asking is 'Is it safe?'

Anonymous said...

The first time I consumed this drink I had the most productive day in years. I was wired for hours... I think it has similar properties to caffeine without the jittery chaos. To use a car analogy Neuro Sonic was more of a Mercedes Benz AMG while a quadruple espresso is more of a Dodge Viper... The effects were long lasting as well. The downside for me is that it's not a daily drinker, it loses it's kick on a day to day basis, so it's more of a "when I need it" drink. It has a significant crash for me that is uncomfortable and tiring, you just have to wait it out... I would not drink this with more than one cup of coffee but if you timed it right, like before a competition, you could provide a competitive edge.

Jasmine said...

I definitel agree with the above user. I am a devoted coffee drinker and I work in HR, my job is very detailed and thorough, but my mind started jumbling things together and getting tired. I actually went to the store yesterday and I came across the bottle and bought it. My day yesterday was SUPER productive. I was alert all day (Yesterday, I had been up since 3am). I was able to get things done and taken care of and I know it had to be that drink. Oh, the jittery feeling? I didn't have that all. I did buy it today and I still feel alert but I think the strongest peak was yesterday.

Fath said...

i drank this drink for the first time and i had the most active and quickest day of military school in my entire time here. it was horrible after all the energy wore off i was tired and couldn't stay up for a minute and it would work if we had another parade soon.

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