Sunday, April 8, 2012

ChocoMallows Energy Marshmallows Review

ChocoMallows are easily the most visually unique of all the line, about proportionally potent to the rest but half the size. This supports the use of a twelve pack, zip topped and convenient to snack out of, though the material for the bag exposes unsightly fibers that look straight out of a warehouse and not a coffee house.

The scent is rich with a disturbingly chocolaty bouquet that you can practically taste through your nose. The actual taste is a different story however, packing a pungent punch of bitterness and following surfeiting saccharinity who does not censor what it follows. The result is a clash of acrimony and cloyingness, with the often bar shaped treat requiring cooperativeness save we endure unexpected misfortune. Despite its name there truly is not much actual chocolate to taste, though cocoa nibs are scarcely littered throughout each dense ingot of disproportional ingredients. They add unwelcome crunch but invited flavour the odd chance you actually find one within the massed pillow of misery. The compressed texture fools one into surprise when each grainy bite is lofty and melts like cocoa butter on the tongue, though this sorrowfully is the fourteen grams' only positive.

There is 100 milligrams of caffeine per square, producing a two hour kick with no jitters. This Easter, stick with Peeps for your annual marshmallow cravings.

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