Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Savage Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

My reward for exploring a dumpy convenience store, Savage and Savage Sugar Free come in awesome resealable bottles. The diet variety is bromidically light blue though, however the plastic's blackness really makes it and the albino text pop, a clean design, if not a bit of a generic one.

This rather bubbleless broth surprises no one being a Red Bull clone, but there was still a chance of creativity before that familiar scent hit you. Your palate is painted with super sugary cotton candy mutilations of apple and vanilla, with perhaps some blue raspberry. The cocktail is gummy and syrupy despite being diet, however the sips finish cleanly without leftovers. None testify any tartness or contend any complexity, a pitiful child birthed of the industry's relentless regurgitation of anything successful.

Each sixteen ounce bottle contains: caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, inositol, guarana, L-tartrate, and others. Two hours lasted the kick, impressing no one with its strength or jitters. In the end, Savage Sugar Free ran me $1.59, which is not bad if you are without taste buds.

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Anonymous said...

Nice break down of the taste. To me it was absolutely disgusting though - tasted like really bad cough syrup.

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